What’s Treatment Like?

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What’s Treatment Like?

What to expect when you’re aligning


Our technicians have scanned your models and, using our specialised software, meticulously planned your tooth treatment. Working from your dentist’s prescription, we crafted you a bespoke treatment plan. But, we bet you want to know how it all adds up to your future perfect smile. To answer some of your concerns…How do Toothsi invisible aligners feel? How long does it take to adjust? And when will you start to see results?


Does it hurt?

At the start of wearing your new aligner, you will experience a sense of discomfort, tooth sensitivity that barely lasts for 2-3 days. This is because; your teeth are being pressured to get aligned. Your teeth are being moved and you will definitely feel it.

Most tooth movement takes place within the first week of wearing the aligners and the following weeks go by as recovery period during which your teeth are settling in to a new position. Most people feel one of the two sensations – light pressure and the feel loose.


Will I speak differently?

You will experience a slight lisp during treatment which won’t last for more than a week. The reason behind the lisp is your mouth adjusting to this foreign object. The body will quickly adjust to this addition before you know it and the lisp will settle.


When will I see straighter teeth?

Toothsi proposes to all its users to choose the case carefully and communicate with the EXPERT to check whether the cases are indicated for aligner therapy. Once the treatment plan has been decided, Toothsi dentists will come to assess the progress made after a few weeks. It is only a matter of 4-5 weeks, and your teeth are on their way to alignment.


Can others notice you’re wearing aligners?

We make invisible, clear and transparent aligners so that people don’t come to know of it immediately. Many patients have thanked us for this feature because people haven’t been able to notice it.


What if I have questions?

Our services for you don’t end after the aligners are delivered. In the application process or even after the placement of the aligners, if you happen to face any discomfort, feel free to contact us and a doctor will be at your home right away. We understand it will take some getting used to, but we are sure to put your doubts to rest by being available for you.

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  • Asha N Hegde

    Is there age limit for having aligners?

  • Brinda

    Is there age limit for having aligners

  • Deepa Mali

    I have been through root canal & corrected it with a ceramic cap on upper jawline. I am having too much overcrowded teeth’s and they are not aligned, specially front 2 teeths. So can are these aliners are safe for me as I am having artificial tooth cap? Does it would be an issue?

  • Ramesh J

    Is there any age limit ?
    I’m 35 years old man, can I take this treatment for aligning my gapped teeth ?

  • Pankaj Shah

    I can eat whit this i have 1 teeth & 2 tooth are not there

  • likithapallempati

    i have the lower jaw very forward to the upper open and hence the upper jaw tooth are very small and cannot be seen can this be corrected ?

  • Vardhini

    Is there any solution for full dentures ? I have shaky teeth which has to be removed ,so I am thinking of fixing dentures.

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